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What’s Up with These Hot Spots?

When you come back home after a long day of work and a lengthy commute, the last thing that you want is to be greeted by an uncomfortable environment. That is why you have a whole-house air conditioning system in place, though. With it, you are able to protect yourself against the worst of the summer’s heat—or are you? When we talk about your comfort as pertains to the performance of your air conditioner, we are not talking about fractions. Your comfort should be complete!

This is just not the case if you are unable to cool your home not only effectively and efficiently, but also evenly throughout. It is amazing how many people are willing to accept “good enough” when it comes to their home comfort! The Fresno, CA air conditioning service professionals on our staff know that you deserve better. That is why we have put together a few examples of why your home may be cooling down unevenly.

Your System May Be too Small

This one is, frankly, a real bummer, so let’s get it out of the way right away. If you are having trouble cooling certain areas of your home—especially if you encounter no such trouble when heating your home—then it is actually possible that your air conditioning system is simply too small to cool your house down effectively.

If your system is undersized, those furthest reaches of your house may not be as comfortable as those closer to the air handler. There just may not be enough effectively cooled air to go around. Unfortunately, there is really no way to fix this problem without replacing the air conditioner with one that is more appropriately sized.

You Could Have a Refrigerant Leak

This is not quite as dire as an air conditioner that is too small to do the job, provided that you handle the problem as soon as it presents itself. If you continue to run an air conditioning system that has refrigerant leaks, however, the consequences can be dire. You could actually ruin the system’s compressor, which typically necessitates a full system replacement.

It is the refrigerant in your AC that allows the system to remove heat from the air in your home. If the refrigerant charge is low due to leaks (or an improper initial charge), then the system is not going to be able to cool air effectively. That can lead to hot spots in your home, as the system just cannot keep up with the cooling demand.

Leaky Ductwork/Poor Insulation

If you have issues with maintaining comfortable temperatures in a given area, and that problem is year-round, then chances are that you either have an issue with your air ducts servicing that area or with the insulation in that area. It is not a coincidence that both your heating and cooling systems are struggling in these spots.

Scheduling professional duct testing will help to determine if you have leaks, and our duct sealing services are just what you need to get your system back on track. If you do have bad insulation in any area of your home, a professional team can remove the damaged insulation or simply add more insulation in order to better help you regulate heat gain and loss.

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