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Strange AC Noises and What They Might Mean

Have you been hearing something go “bump” in the night lately? While Halloween may be just around the corner, it isn’t likely that you have a haunted house. It is probable, however, that your AC is trying to communicate with you.

When your air conditioner is running smoothly, it should be doing so quietly. Strange noises coming for your cooling system is not the norm – and it never should be! If you are noticing that your AC has been making some bizarre noises, it is time to call in the professionals (air conditioner technicians, not Ghostbusters).

Read on to find out what noises you should be listening for!


If you notice constant or ongoing clicking noises occurring outside of your unit’s star-up or shut-down process, it is a sign that the electrical components in your system are struggling. Clicking could indicate that your thermostat is failing or that another control is malfunctioning. Any indications of electrical issues like this are best addressed quickly.


The sound of banging coming from your air conditioner can often be a sign that something within the unit’s compressor is broken or loose. Additionally, it may signal that the blower is unbalanced or that the compressor needs replacing. Whatever the case may be, banging is an indicator that it is time to give your AC repair tech a call.


The buzzing noises coming from your AC unit may be a sign of an air filter that needs to be changed, loose fan blades or other loose parts, the presence of debris in your unit, and other issues. Make sure this noise is identified and addressed sooner rather than later.


The sound of rattling can indicate a multitude of issues. These can include the deterioration of your system resulting in loosening parts, debris having clogged your unit, or issues with your electrical contractor. If one, or all three of these problems are causing this noise, it is best to give your system a full check-up.


Squealing can be an indicator or fan or blower motors that are giving up the ghost. Similarly, it can also alert you that it is time to check your blower wheel and housing as they could be malfunctioning. 


No, you aren’t dealing with an angry spirit, but this noise should still concern you! Hearing screaming in your AC system should worry you as much as it does because it is a sign that you have a refrigerant leak. Not only can a refrigerant leak cause a chillingly high repair bill if left unaddressed, but it could also harm your family’s health! When you hear your air conditioner screaming at you, listen to it, shut it down, and call a professional immediately!

It Is Time for Professional Air Conditioner Services

If you are in need of air conditioning repair in Madera, CA make sure to reach out to the professionals at California Indoor Comfort Inc. Our skilled team members will be able to identify whatever is causing your AC to make strange noises and address it quickly before more repairs are needed.

Contact the team at California Indoor Comfort Inc today to learn about or schedule air conditioner repair services.


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