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Should I Install a Whole-House Fan?

What do you do when you come home after a long day only to find the temperature inside your home is hotter than the temperature outside? Do you turn up your air conditioner, even though it was cool outside? Or do you stick a noisy, inefficient fan in an open window? It’s likely that you wouldn’t want to do either, as you certainly don’t want to waste more energy than you have to, but you also want to be comfortable, right?

If you’ve found yourself in this uncomfortable predicament, then consider installing a whole-house fan! Whole-house fans can help you enjoy great comfort in your home without having to sacrifice efficiency. In fact, there are many reasons to consider a whole-house fan, and below, we’ve listed a number of these reasons. Keep reading to find out more! 

Wait, What is a Whole-House Fan?

When you hear the words “whole-house fan”, you might be picturing a giant ceiling fan. However, this is pretty far off from reality. A whole-house fan is a ventilation cooling system that works to cool your living space by both venting hot air out of the home while also bringing cool air in.

Cool air is brought in from the outdoors through open windows. The design of your whole-house fan setup will help to create active cross breezes with the windows and almost immediately, the members of your household will start to feel cooler. Additionally,  hot air from the attic will be vented outside, so that way the heat that would otherwise remain trapped up there won’t be able to radiate down into your living space.

So, What are the Benefits?

Better Efficiency

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of installing a whole-house fan is improved energy efficiency. These systems are great for keeping your home cool while lifting much of the burden off of your air conditioning system. When you install one of these systems, your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to circulate cool air throughout your home, thus lowering your energy bills and increasing overall cooling performance.

Improved Comfort

No longer will you have to worry about sacrificing comfort for efficiency. With a whole-house fan, you can keep your home cool and comfortable without raising your bills and putting strain on your air conditioning system. Of course, you want you home to be as comfortable as possible, and a whole-house fan allows you to do so efficiently and effectively.

Fewer AC Repairs

When your air conditioning in Fresno, CA is energy efficient, it is less likely to require expensive repairs and untimely replacement. A whole-house fan can reduce the amount of wear and tear placed on your AC, allowing it to perform as effectively as possible for as long as possible.

Trust Our Products

Here at California Indoor Comfort, Inc., we install and service QuietCool Whole-House fans for your comfort and convenience. These systems keep your home nice and cool, quietly and efficiently. In fact, these systems have saved homeowners in excess of $150 billion! Plus, they have a 98% customer satisfaction rating!

To learn more about the benefits of installing a whole-house fan in your home, contact the experts at California Comfort, Inc. 

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