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How Zone Control Benefits Your AC

Before you know it, summer will be here! And that means that it is time to get in gear and think about all the things you have to do to prepare! Of course, things like digging out your favorite bathing suit and restocking up on sunscreen are at the top of your priority list. However, taking a minute to think about your air conditioner is also important if you wish to enjoy a cool and comfortable summer.

Your air conditioner works at its best when it is efficient. An efficient AC means fewer repairs and lower energy bills. Plus, it’ll be able to provide you with some relief from the hot summer sun. There are many ways that you can improve the efficiency of your AC, one of which is by installing a zone control system in your home. In fact, there are many benefits associated with installing zone control, and below, we have outlined a few of them. So, keep on reading! 

How Does Zone Control Work?

A zone control system is a series of dampers that are installed throughout the ductwork of your HVAC system. These dampers can open and close to direct the flow of air through the ducts, thus splitting them into different zones. Each zone may be controlled by an individual thermostat or by a master thermostat.

Before installing this system, a professional HVAC technician will first assess your home and efficiency needs in order to determine how to split certain areas of your home into these different zones.

Are There Many Benefits?

Why, yes! There are many benefits of installing a zone control system in your home. These benefits include:


A zone control system grants homeowners ultimate control over their heaters and ACs. With the ability to control exactly which zones in your home will be cooled throughout the day, and with the ability to control the temperature of the air going into each zone, you’ll benefit from maximum cooling efficiency. This is a great way to keep monthly energy costs low, as you are less likely to waste energy cooling unoccupied spaces.


One unique advantage of a zone control system is the ability to create customized comfort. The use of individual thermostats makes it so that you can adjust the temperature in one area of your home without affecting the comfort of another family member.

Reduced repair needs

When your AC operates more efficiently, it is less likely to adhere to everyday wear and tear, keeping the need for repairs and other air conditioning service in Fresno, CA to a minimum. With zone control, your AC won’t have to work so hard to circulate conditioned air throughout your home, thus putting less strain on the system.

Fewer cooling challenges

Certain architectural features in your home can be a real challenge for your air conditioner. Features like attics, basements, loft spaces, and large windows can make it hard for your AC to cool your home evenly and effectively. A zone control system allows you to separate these spaces from other areas of the house in order to properly cool them.

To learn more about the benefits of a zone control system, contact the pros at California Indoor Comfort, Inc.

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