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Is Now a Good Time For Heat Pump Maintenance?

Things have been warming up here on the West coast. While many of us are grateful for the reprieve from colder temperatures, this taste of spring may be serving as a reminder that your air conditioner needs some extra help. To be more specific, if you have a heat pump you might be considering whether or not it is the right time to schedule a tune-up. We would like you to know that now is a great time to get this service taken care of.

Heat pumps serve to keep you comfortable year-round. This means that getting it tuned up is going to benefit you whether the temperatures go back down or continue on their upward trend. Let us tell you about why maintenance is so beneficial to your heat pump. If your system needs an extra helping hand this month we are here to provide the service you need.

How Early… or Late Maintenance Helps Your Heat Pump

Did you forget to schedule your heat pump tune-up last fall? Not to worry, late maintenance can’t hurt your system. Or perhaps you are just trying to figure out whether or not it is worth it to knock out your heat pump maintenance in Fresno ahead of time for summer. The answer would be yes. Whether it is late or early, maintenance will offer the following perks:

  • Improves system energy use: One of the best parts about maintenance is that no matter when you get it done, it has the ability to improve the energy efficiency of your system. Better efficiency is great for your monthly bills, not to mention the environment.
  • Improves heat pump operation: When you get regular maintenance done on your heat pump that is at least twice a year it is going to help the system operate far more effectively. Issues that normally would impede its ability to provide comfort for your home are addressed so that way it can do the best job possible.
  • Reduces the chance for repair needs: When small problems are addressed with an annual tuneup it prevents them from escalating into repair needs. Regular maintenance can mean the difference between needing repairs every three years or needing repairs more frequently.
  • Extends system lifespan: When your heat pump is well cared for, it is going to last longer than it would otherwise. And a longer life span means more years without needing a replacement system.
  • Provides you with peace of mind: Of course, regular maintenance is going to ensure your peace of mind in regards to your heat pump. Lower bills, better overall operation, and a reduced chance of needing repairs can put your mind at ease. Plus when you schedule maintenance early it means you can avoid the line to get a tune-up that will develop in spring.

If you need a tuneup for your heat pump or any other HV AC system in your home we are your go-to resource for quality service. Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc to schedule an appointmentWhere comfort and technology come together 

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