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How Does Clean Ductwork Benefit Me?

dryer-vent-cleaningWhen you think of cleaning up around the house, you probably think of doing the dishes, attacking that mounting pile of laundry, sweeping the tile floors and vacuuming the carpeted areas, etc. What you probably don’t think about, though, is the overall condition within your ductwork. While you should certainly be concerned with the cleanliness of your air ducts, you really shouldn’t be adding them to your cleaning list. Why not? Well, because you simply cannot effectively and thoroughly clean them on your own.

Professional duct cleaning in Fresno, CA is really the only way in which to ensure that your ductwork is clean within. This begs the next question. Is cleaning your ductwork really worth bringing in a professional to do the job? The answer is a resounding “yes!”. If the air ducts that you use to distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home are dirty within, then you are likely going to face a number of negative effects in your home. Consider the following, and leave the duct cleaning to the pros on our staff.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons for scheduling professional duct cleaning services is to enjoy a more efficient performance from your HVAC systems. Now, you are not going to have air ducts so clogged up with dust and dirt that you are going to have trouble forcing air through them with your AC or heater. However, the dust and dirt that is in those ducts can travel through the system, clogging up air filters swiftly and collecting on vital components of your HVAC systems.

That can lead to the system working overtime due to increased airflow resistance at the filter and the compromising of those components. By having your ducts professionally cleaned, you can avoid such problems and heat and cool your home with the efficiency that you deserve. Don’t let dirty ductwork drive up the cost of your comfort.

Indoor Air Quality

Part of the reason why professional duct cleaning is so necessary is the fact that it can be tough to remove pollutants from the surface of the air ducts. Agitators, rotor brushes, and other tools are required to free up the pollutants in most cases. This does not mean that they cannot work free on their own and compromise your indoor air quality, though.

In fact, dust and dirt from the ductwork can clog up your filter so badly that air — and the pollutants in it — may bypass that filter and pass through gaps in the system instead. That leaves the pollutants free to wreak their havoc on allergy symptoms. Keep your ducts clean and breathe better air!


Okay, having dirty ductwork won’t generally put your safety at risk — but a dirty dryer vent could. There is a reason why hikers and backpackers will carry lint from the dryer lint trap with them to use as a fire starter. Lint is highly flammable, and your dryer vents a lot of heat. Fortunately for you, our dryer vent cleaning professionals can ensure that your dryer vent is as clean as your ductwork!

Schedule your duct and dryer vent cleaning services with California Indoor Comfort Inc. Where comfort and technology come together.

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