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Let Us Ventilate and Insulate Your Attic

I don’t spend any time up in my attic, you may be thinking, so why would I care if it is comfortable or not up there? If this is your thought process, then you need to seriously reestimate the importance of the insulation and ventilation in your attic. Sure, you may not care about maintaining a comfortable environment in your attic if it is not part of your living space. This is far from the only concern, though.

Conditions in your attic and adversely affect not only the condition of your house itself, but also the comfort of the rest of your home. They can also influence your heating and cooling costs. If you are serious about avoiding any such issues, then you need proper attic ventilation and attic insulation in Madera, CA.

We Offer Multiple Options

Many homeowners think that having a good HVAC system in place is all that is necessary to maintain great comfort levels in their homes. This really is not true, though. Supplementing your HVAC system with devices like a whole-house fan, for instance, can greatly benefit you. We install and service these systems.

Our climate can be very warm, but the heat is not extreme for much of the year. A whole-house fan can be used instead of an air conditioner during much of the cooling season in order to draw fresh air in from outside, to circulate that air throughout the house, and to vent it back outside through the attic. This takes strain off of your AC system, helps to cut down on cooling costs, and also keeps the air in your home fresh.

Now, ventilating the attic serves another important purpose, and that is to prevent excessive heat from building up in there. This is tricky terrain to navigate. The reason that we insulate our attics, after all, is to keep the heat that we pay for from simply rising up and out of our homes during the colder time of the year. When it’s hot out, though, we don’t want to trap heat in the attic that can then radiate down into the living space. Let us install your solar attic vents for efficient, effective ventilation, as well as the insulation that your attic needs to prevent excessive heat loss in the colder months.

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