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5 Ideas To Make Your Home More Comfortable And Efficient

No one wants a less efficient home. But it may feel like all the ways to improve the efficiency in your house are pricey and out of reach. We get the feeling. Thankfully, we can help. We want to make things easier for you by providing some helpful advice to keep up the efficiency of your home.

Our team of professionals know all of the ins and outs of the modern home and its comfort systems. That’s how we know how to run systems efficiently and how we know the tips and tricks that allow you to keep up your comfort without increasing your bills as well.

Read on to learn more.

Helpful Tips To Ensure Better Home Efficiency

You shouldn’t have to sit in an uncomfortable room to keep your energy bills manageable. Use the following advice to keep things efficient without costing your comfort.

  1. Keep doors and windows closed when running your HVAC system. This is an important one to remember throughout the year. Keeping your doors and windows closed keeps the temperature-controlled air you want in the home and the uncomfortable outdoor air outside.
  2. Keep your thermostat settings reasonable. It is often best to keep the thermostat at a reasonable temperature setting. The question you may have is what in the world “reasonable” means. In our area, a summertime setting of 80° is often the best while a wintertime setting of 68° is also ideal. These temperatures can keep the house comfortable without jacking up your monthly energy use. You can even automate temperature control to make things more efficient.
  3. Consider installing a whole-house fan: Whole-house fans work by improving the ventilation throughout the house. In the summer, these systems can be used to reduce your use of your AC by helping you feel cooler. In the wintertime, this system can help vent out stale air and can improve the distribution of warm air. Getting a whole house fan installation can improve your comfort without adding in major monthly costs.
  4. Look into making energy-efficient upgrades: As the term suggests, making certain upgrades to the systems in your home can be a huge help in improving your overall efficiency. Our team offers energy efficiency upgrades that include zone control systems, smart thermostats, solar systems, and more.
  5. Get maintenance for your systems each year: Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to make sure that you remember to schedule maintenance for your systems each year. Right now, that means getting maintenance for your heating system. This service will help to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency from your system, without increasing your energy bills.

With the help of a team like ours, you can more easily keep your home energy efficient and comfortable too. We are glad to provide additional information on the ways you can reduce your energy use.

If you need a system installation, maintenance, or other services, contact California Indoor Comfort Inc. Where comfort and technology come together 

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