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This Furnace Repair Is Vital For Your Safety

dog-under-blanketWe don’t want to downplay the importance of addressing any repair need in your furnace in a timely manner. None of them should be ignored. But not every repair will threaten your safety the way that this one does. That’s why we always set aside time to discuss this heating repair in Clovis, CA because the comfort and safety of our customers is our priority.

So, what repair need are we discussing? A cracked heat exchanger. This is an issue that may develop in a natural gas furnace that will impact your system’s ability to keep you warm and can also create a big problem for your health and wellbeing.

Should I Toss My Furnace?

You may feel a little freaked out and we want to reassure you that your natural gas furnace is a safe system. The problem we are discussing arises if your furnace falls into disrepair, and pretty bad disrepair to be honest. So while yes a gas leak is bad news, no you don’t have to completely ditch your gas-powered furnace because, as long as a technician comes out to check on it regularly, it is made to operate very safely and effectively.

What Causes This Problem?

Most people end up wondering what exactly causes their system to develop a cracked heat exchanger. As we mentioned above, letting your heater fall into disrepair certainly ups the chances that you’ll encounter a cracked heat exchanger early on in the lifespan of your furnace. However, aside from this, regular wear and tear can eventually add up to wear down your heat exchanger and create this crack.

What Are the Warning Signs?

Not every furnace is going to encounter an issue with a cracked heat exchanger. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea to know what the warning signs of this problem are. That way, if your furnace does develop a cracked heat exchanger, you can pick up on it and get it repaired quickly. Here’s what to be on the alert for:

  • High energy bills: A cracked heat exchanger will force your furnace to work harder to heat your home which will in turn also force it to consume more fuel. This will show up in your energy bills.
  • The smell of gas: Carbon monoxide and other gases can leak into your home from a cracked heat exchanger. While these gases are tasteless and odorless, most gas companies add a chemical to their natural gas supplies to give them a smell. This way they can be somewhat detectable if there is a leak.
  • Reduced comfort: A cracked heat exchanger will let combustion gases escape from your furnace which will hinder the heating process and reduce your home comfort.
  • Signs of CO poisoning: Have you or a loved one noticed an increase in frequent headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue? These are all signs of CO poisoning likely caused by a leak in your home. Turn off your furnace and any other gas appliances immediately and call a technician if you notice these symptoms.

Make sure your furnace is in tip-top shape with our help. Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc for furnace maintenance, repairs, and more. Where comfort and technology come together.

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