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Is It Okay to Install a Furnace in a Mobile Home?

Furnaces offer superior residential heating compared to other types of heating systems. But if you live in a mobile home, you do have to take some considerations into account before installing a traditional furnace. Don’t attempt any DIY projects like installing a mobile home furnace on your own without the expertise of a certified professional. 

Instead, give our team a call and schedule service for us to come out and talk to you about your furnace options for a mobile home. You can keep reading to learn more about some of the factors you want to consider when installing a furnace in a mobile home and why each one is important.

Why Does a Mobile Home Need a Different Type of Furnace? 

You may be thinking that a home is a home, no matter what the building structure is like. While this is true, mobile homes are not designed to work with the same type of furnace that we install in other types of homes. The ductwork attached to mobile homes is usually much smaller compared to what is needed for a standard furnace.

If you install the wrong kind of furnace in your mobile home, it can pose a lot of risks to your home and family. Your furnace could overheat and may pose fire hazards due to a lack of airflow. This is a risk that is not worth taking when you have other options that will work even better and provide you the results that you expect.

Selecting a Mobile Home Furnace

There are 5 different expectations that need to be met when selecting a furnace for your mobile home. But you don’t have to do this alone. Our team can visit your home and help you select the furnace that will work best in your space. We can review your options with you and offer our expert opinion based on years of experience. 

First, our team will look at the furnace options available based on the model and year of your mobile home. Then we will make sure to select a furnace that is designed to work well with the size of the attached air ducts. We can also talk to you about space considerations for where you will store your furnace.

Since airflow is the biggest potential problem, we may need to install a specialized fan that helps your furnace move air effectively through the ducts. Mobile home furnaces also have to be high static approved and down flow oriented.

Other Considerations

A furnace’s ability to keep your mobile home warm will greatly depend on the amount of insulation in place and how well your mobile home is sealed. If you have any concerns about windows and doors being sealed or about a lack of insulation, our team can assess your needs during an initial in-home assessment. 

When we install your furnace, we can help with sealing potential problem areas and installing additional insulation. This way your furnace has the best chance to keep your home and family warm without extremely high energy costs.

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