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Why Your Heater Is Making Strange Sounds

dog-under-blanketWe very much understand that homeowners throughout the area have turned their eye toward the warmth and sunshine of the summer season. The fact of the matter is that we have still got some downright chilly nights ahead of us. Is it late in the season? Yes. Do you still want your heater to be there for you on those 45° nights? Absolutely. That is precisely why you cannot afford to ignore signs of trouble with your heater, even this late in the season.

One of the most consistent reasons for service calls that we get is concern over noises that homeowners’ heaters are making. If you hear a brand new sound coming from your heater, or if a normal operating sound is suddenly getting louder and louder, do not just wrap a pillow around your head and call it a night. Instead, contact us to determine if your heating in Fresno, CA is at risk. If so, we’ll repair it as necessary to get you through the end of the season comfortably.

Do You Hear a Loud Booming Sound?

If so, then you may really have an issue on your hands—or it may be a relatively benign problem that doesn’t really require any further action. Does that sound frustratingly vague to you? Well, we agree. That is why we urge homeowners to have any irregularities with their systems professionally evaluated. In many, if not most, cases, any given problem may have more than one potential cause. Only a qualified technician can diagnose your issue accurately.

In the event of a booming sound, for instance, you may just be hearing the natural contraction of ducts as the metal expands and contracts with temperature changes. However, if you hear the sound when the system is cycling on consistently, then it may actually be the result of delayed ignition. This means that your system is letting too much fuel build up before it combusts it. That’s obviously a more serious problem demanding prompt resolution.

Is Your System Grinding?

If so, then you may have insufficient lubrication on a moving part. But that’s not such a big deal, right? After all, the heater is still pumping out heat. It’s still starting up and shutting down normally. So, no big deal?

Yes, big deal. When you have insufficiently lubricated parts grinding up against one another, it generates heat. That heat can lead to trouble within the system. It also causes a drop in energy efficiency pretty much instantly. Trust us, keeping your system’s moving parts properly lubricated is a top priority.

What About This Screeching Sound?

That could be the sound of metal on metal, and you should not be hearing it. Of course, it could also just be a worn out belt in the motor. That’s an easy fix, you just need to have it replaced. At least, it’s an easy fix if you have it replaced before the belt finally breaks. Then you’ll need to have the system fixed at an unexpected time, which is never ideal.

We are not sharing this information with you to alarm you. Just the opposite. We want you to know that you can deal with heating problems on your own terms. Just give us a call when you suspect that issues have developed, and we’ll intervene before more serious problems arise.

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