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Common Gas Fireplace Repairs


Having a gas fireplace in your Fresno, CA home is a luxurious amenity that provides both warmth and ambiance. And with the particularly bad winter weather we’ve been experiencing, you’ve probably been using your gas fireplace a lot. 

Gas fireplaces offer the pleasure of home warmth and comfort without the hassle of wood storage or constant ash cleanup. For homeowners who have had a fireplace installed, occasional repair needs might be necessary. Our team possesses expertise in gas fireplace repairs, installation, and maintenance. Let’s discuss several common issues you might face with your gas fireplace that can disrupt your home comfort.

Flame Extinction:

A frequent problem encountered with gas fireplaces is when you’re enjoying its warmth when all of a sudden, there’s a flame extinction during its operation. This issue often stems from various causes. One possibility is the pilot light going out, which we’ll delve into shortly.

Another common culprit is a malfunctioning thermocouple which is the component that’s responsible for monitoring flames from the gas burners. If it detects inadequate flame presence with the gas line open, it triggers a gas shutoff. Even if flames are present, a faulty thermocouple might still shut off the gas, necessitating professional replacement.

Similarly, the oxypilot, responsible for detecting sufficient oxygen for gas ignition, can inadvertently shut off the gas if it’s dirty or dusty.

Air in Gas Line:

Prolonged fireplace inactivity can lead to air accumulation in the gas line, resulting in inconsistent flame burning. In such cases, professional intervention may be required to purge air from the gas line.

Pilot Light Ignition Failure:

The pilot light should remain lit consistently throughout the season to facilitate immediate burner ignition. While relighting a pilot light is sometimes feasible, failure could indicate a broken pilot light assembly or gas supply interruption.

Dirt and Debris:

Despite being cleaner than wood-burning alternatives, gas fireplaces can still accumulate dust and grime over time. This buildup can hinder ignition by obstructing burner oxygen intake. You might notice unusual sounds like popping or hissing when the fireplace is dirty. 

Attempting DIY cleaning is not recommended, as it necessitates specialized equipment to prevent fireplace damage. Rely on us for professional fireplace cleaning services for effective maintenance.

Let Us Handle Your Gas Fireplace Repairs

Seeking assistance from a professional technician is crucial, even for seemingly minor issues like a dirty burner or debris obstructing the igniter area. What appears simple could potentially indicate underlying problems with components such as the electrical ignition system or faulty valves.

Opting for a professional gas fireplace diagnosis ensures thorough repair and expert handling from beginning to end, guaranteeing that your system receives the necessary repairs. This approach safeguards both the functionality of your system, your satisfaction with its operation, and the safety of everyone in your household.

When your gas fireplace requires repairs, reach out to California Indoor Comfort Inc for reliable service.

California Indoor Comfort: Where comfort and technology come together. Schedule an appointment today for your gas fireplace repairs and service in Fresno, CA.

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