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Why You May Enjoy a Solar-Powered Heat Pump

HVAC-technician-at-doorIt is no surprise that California is one of the places that is great for using solar power. Even in the cold of winter, we still see a good deal of sunshine! Many homes throughout the state are taking advantage of all the sunlight through the installation and use of solar power.

Solar power is great to use for just about any system in your home, especially as the technology evolves and improves. If you have a pool, you can use solar power to heat it up. You can install solar panels to warm up your home’s water. You can even use solar power to subsidize your overall energy use.

Here is what you may want to know about using solar-powered heat pumps in Fresno, CA to keep your home comfortable.

What Are the Benefits Of Installing a Heat Pump?

First things first, let’s look at why you might want to consider installing a heat pump in your home. These are some unique and effective comfort systems that can be used to keep your home, well, comfortable. When you install one of these systems you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Year-round comfort: A heat pump can reverse its refrigerant flow. This allows it the unique ability to both cool your home in the summer and warm it during the winter. If you are hunting for a new AC but also need to replace your old heater, you can easily wrap up both jobs with the installation of heat pump.
  • High energy efficiency: Heat pumps are all-electric. This allows them to offer you incredible energy efficiency, saving you hundreds compared to other systems especially those like a gas-powered furnace.
  • Ducted and ductless options: Heat pumps can connect to your existing ductwork to provide comfort to your home. However, if you don’t have ducts and are unable or unwilling to have them installed, you may be happy to hear that you can choose a ductless heat pump system to keep your home comfortable.

Why Go Solar For Your Heat Pump?

We know that heat pumps are already energy efficient. But what if you could make sure to maximize that efficiency? This is exactly what you can do when you use solar power to run your heat pump. With the help of a professional technician, you can wire your heat pump to draw power from your existing solar array. This can bring down your energy bills for your heat pump to absolutely nothing. In fact, in some cases, your solar panels may generate so much energy that you can sell it back to your energy company, meaning you get cash back just for using your solar power system!

Come to California Indoor Comfort Inc For Your System Installation

If you are looking to enjoy a great comfort system at a lower cost than you may think possible, it is best to come to our team. We can install your solar-powered heat pump today to help keep you comfortable all year long.

Contact California Indoor Comfort Inc to schedule your appointment.

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